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Due to recent rains helping to fill area lakes, the Fern Bluff MUD (in accordance with it’s wholesale water contract with the City of Round Rock)has lifted all mandatory water restrictions effective today, March 26, 2012. We are asking all of our residents to follow our voluntary twice a week watering schedule, based on each house address. Residential Odd Numbered Addresses                  Wednesday and/or Saturday Residential Even Numbered Addresses                Thursday and/or Sunday Texas is still in drought conditions and our area lakes are in about the same condition as this time last year.  We ask our residents to follow some simple water conservation tips; please:
  •            Make every effort not to irrigate between the hours of 10 am and 7pm
  •           Check irrigation systems periodically
  •           Do not irrigate on windy days
  •    ...

Oak Wilt

Oak trees are one of the more popular and commonly planted landscaping trees.  This great species is also a staple of the natural American landscape.  However, oaks can easily succumb to a disease known as oak wilt.  In recent years, this disease has destroyed a significant number of oaks in the Central Texas area.  In order to prevent oak wilt, it is important to understand the disease – its origin and how to treat it. Although it is not the number one disease that kills oaks, oak wilt it is considered the most commonly known.  It is caused by a fungus known as Ceratocystis fagacearum.  The disease manifests itself through fungal spores that invade an oak and clog its water conducting system. The disease is spread through two primary agents: One is through beetles which feed on the...