Olson Meadows Park

Olson Meadows Park is located at 4200 Brushy Creek Road (which is also known locally as Hairy Man Road). This park is the largest of the six Fern Bluff MUD parks. The back of the park opens to the Oak Brook trail area and concrete trails run along the two natural spring-fed district ponds and culminate in a beautiful nature area.

This park is adjacent to the Williamson County Regional Trail System and both of these trails offer hiking, walking/jogging, or biking amenities. Olson Meadows is a breath of fresh air for those wanting wide-open spaces for kite flying, Frisbee play or other games which require a large green space. This park encompasses 54 acres, has four parking areas and a spring fed stream.

Olson Meadow Park consists of a large, 54’ x 37’ covered pavilion, which residents may reserve for their events. The park also includes two playscapes (one for toddlers), swings, practice fields, restrooms, and a jogging trail. The large trees throughout the park offer visitors shade and add to the beauty of the park. The practice fields are ideal for soccer or baseball and may be reserved for team practices.

Residents may purchase keys to the restroom at the Fern Bluff Community Center for $5. A restroom key card will open restrooms at the Olson Meadows, Brightwater, and Fern Bluff Parks. Reservations for the use of the practice fields may also be made at the Community Center by calling 512-238-0606.

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