2Q President’s Letter

Dear Fern Bluff MUD Constituents,

I would like to provide some updates and insight as to what is happening in the Fern Bluff MUD.  In this letter I will cover our new website, ongoing park improvements, the recent Board of Director’s Election, operations, and our district’s financial status.

First, let’s talk about our new website design.  Unfortunately, it took us longer than expected but we have finally launched our new website design.  Along with valuable information regarding MUD operations, services, contact information and the different neighborhoods we serve, we also have some wonderful pictures taken in our parks and greenbelts that were submitted by our residents.  Please visit the site at www.fernbluffmud.org and let us know your thoughts and ideas.  We will be making updates, tweaks and changes over the next few months and we would love to hear from you.  Email us at: communications@fernbluffmud.org.

Moving to our parks.  We continue to invest in our parks and over the last several years we have completed several environmental upgrades as well as continuing to invest in water conservation methods.  Most of our main park areas have been switched to drip irrigation systems, where appropriate, to conserve water while keeping our parks green and pleasant during our Texas summer climate.  Olson Meadows, Brightwater, and Cheatham parks have all received improvements on the existing “berms” to discourage erosion and for safety.  The board of directors has received compliments on our parks from both district residents as well as outside visitors.  We continue to follow the Texas Parks & Wildlife recommendations and our hope is that our pollinator/butterfly gardens will benefit Monarch Butterfly migration as well as our native pollinators.

Next year, plans are to begin playscape upgrades and alterations.  Again, if you have suggestions, we welcome your input and recommendations.  The most requested park equipment suggestion we have received is a zip line play area. 

On May 7, 2022, an election was held for two MUD directors’ seats (Place 2 and Place 4.)  The official results have been received and certified.  Jessica Stempko was re-elected to Place 2, and Kevin Barnes was reelected to Place 4, both for 4-year terms.  Congratulations and thank you to all of our residents that came out and voted!

AT&T has been installing infrastructure in both the Fern Bluff and Stone Canyon neighborhoods and has been disrupting traffic, and in some cases, damaging property.  The MUD has received numerous complaints regarding this project and would like to remind residents that the MUD has no jurisdiction over the roadways, and most homes have easements intended for this type of utility work.  Complaints directed to these AT&T projects for disruption or property damages should be directed to AT&T, 512-326-1442 or email g45874@att.com.  These are the help desk contacts and please, let them know you reside in the Fern Bluff MUD. 

Though the Fern Bluff MUD was able to keep the water flowing during the Winter Storm Uri last year, we are still directed by state law to add infrastructure and plans to prevent disruptions during future storms.  To date, the MUD is ahead of schedule in submitting our plans and will continue to work to acquire our own generators to ensure power is available for key pump operations during inclement weather.

June brings budget planning season.  MUD staff, and the budget committee are working to deal with the same supply chain issues and inflationary costs, as we know all of our taxpayers are experiencing.  With the incredible increase in property values in our area, our district will continue its efforts to be good stewards of our district’s finances, lower our tax rate as much as possible and manage the expenses to remain under budget.

Thank you for reading!  As always, our Board of Directors would love to see you at our monthly meetings held, normally, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Fern Bluff MUD Community Center.  The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 6 pm.


George Sabatino, President

Fern Bluff MUD Board of Directors