Your Bill Looks Different!


To Better Serve our Residents, some Very Important Information

As of September 2, 2014, all billing and customer service questions as well as water and wastewater operations will be handled by in-district staff. The Fern Bluff MUD will no longer be using a 3rd party to answer your billing questions, help build your online utility account or take emergency calls as all questions and calls will be handled at our MUD offices in our Community Center at 7320 Wyoming Springs Dr. in Round Rock. If you would like to make a payment or have a question, you may come right here in your neighborhood and receive the personal help you need; plus just one number to remember (512) 238-0606.

With this exciting change, we are working to make our online bill pay more convenient and we will be moving the district’s records from the old servers to our new district billing cloud server. We realize that many of our customers have taken advantage of auto-bill pay, e-billing and statements and credit card billing. Our billing and payment options will remain the same; your billing and due dates will not change; and your water/sewer rates will not change. But, with this change to in-house staff and server, most of the customer’s payment information WILL NOT transfer to the new server and this is for your (our Fern Bluff MUD resident’s) protection. Payment information is encrypted and cannot and should not be accessed or transferred. Your MUD utility account number will stay the same, just like your address, but your payment information is private and controlled and accessed only by YOU.

If you Pay Your Bill Electronically

What does this mean to you? A few, very important steps are required prior to September 22, 2014

Online Bill Pay Through YOUR Bank or Credit Union: This is critical! Please contact your bank and make sure that the PO (postal box number) is changed on your bill pay authorization. If you do not change the PO, your bank will continue issue your check and send your water bill payments to the old number and your account will not be posted correctly, causing late fees and penalties. The new payment box for the Fern Bluff MUD is: Fern Bluff MUD PO Box 682347 Houston, TX 77268-2347. Even if you bank or credit union “says” they have the address, please verify they have this new PO and zip code.


In many cases, your ACH and recurring credit card information MAY BE in your online account since our sever transfer BUT please log-in and verify the accuracy of the information.

If you have additional questions, please call us at 512-238-0606 or come by the community center, we would love to meet you! Also, some additional information is on our web site at

ACH (auto deduct)

If you have your MUD bill auto-drafted from your bank account each month, please log-on to your MUD account and re-enter your bank account information. Even if it shows your bank information, delete it and re-enter it. This is for your security.

Recurring Credit Card Payment

If you have set-up your MUD bill to be automatically paid on a credit card, please log-on to your MUD account and re-enter your credit card information. Even if your credit card information shows, please delete it and re-enter it with your current card expiration date. This is for your security and will help prevent any type of hacking (such as Target Stores experienced.)

Online Bill Pay

If you use the MUD’s online line bill pay screen each month by going to, it will look very similar and will work basically the same. You will still have the option to make a one-time payment from your checking account or pay with a credit card.

Still Mailing a Check?

If you mail your water bill in via a check from your checkbook,
All you need to do is make sure you notice that there is a new PO Box number on the new bill. This goes to our bank’s lockbox and nothing more is required. Thank you!

Please take just a few minutes and go to, click on the PAY MY BILL button and re-enter your bank account or credit card information. We appreciate your help as we strive to improve your customer service experience with your MUD!

Utility Account Number

On your bill, your MUD account number is very long 15-digits; 03337-3371234567. When you build your account online, drop the first 5-digits (the 03337) and use ONLY the last 10-digits “3371234567”

New Link to PAY MY Bill

Go to and click on PAY MY BILL

New PO Box for Utility Payments

Fern Bluff MUD
PO Box 682347
Houston, TX 77268-2347

Only One New Number to Remember for all MUD Calls, including emergencies:

(512) 238-0606