December 2023 MUD Newsletter & Santa in the Neighborhood!

Reminder: Santa will be in our neighborhoods tomorrow, Saturday December 9th. The big, red firetruck will be bringing Santa at approximately 11 am! Sam Bass Fire Department link click HERE

December 2023 Fern Bluff MUD End of Year Newsletter

Christmas Yard Decorations:

Every home in the MUD has a water meter which is usually in a vault in the front yard (possibly a side yard) and the vault has a metal or plastic lid.  These water meters are within a utility easement and all vaults must remain clear for 3 ft wide circumference around the vault to allow access for MUD staff.  Please keep any plantings away from these vaults and with the holidays coming, PLEASE do not install any yard decorations over the vaults.  

MUD Meetings:

Starting in 2024, monthly MUD meetings will be moving to the 4th Tuesday of each month (rather than the 2nd.)  The January 23, 2024, will be the first meeting after this change and the district’s 2023 audit will be presented at the meeting.

Money Saving Reminder: Sewer Winter Averaging

Our sewer averaging period began on November 15, 2023, and will end on February 15, 2024. The Fern Bluff MUD calculates your sewer bill (wastewater) based on the amount of water used during three consecutive winter months. Since water used during the winter period is generally only indoor water use, and not outdoor irrigation, it is a good measure of the volume flowing to the sewer system. You can lower your sewer costs next year by conserving water during this averaging period. Plan now to turn off irrigation systems, fix leaking faucets and toilets, and check pool auto-fills.

Holiday Traffic Safety

MUD employees are receiving numerous complaints of traffic violations all over the district; specifically running stop signs and speeding.  We have requested additional traffic enforcement from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.  With schools out for the holidays, please help keep everyone safe, obey the speed limits and please, please come to a complete STOP at STOP SIGNS!

Holiday Trash Pickup Changes

Holiday Trash Pickup Dates will shift for the Holidays:
Christmas – Monday, December 25th will shift one day to Tuesday, December 26th
New Year’s – Monday, January 1st will shift one day to Tuesday, January 2nd.

Congratulations Jeremiah

We now have a second Fern Bluff employee to obtain the AA Water/Wastewater Operations License.  This is quite an accomplishment, and we look forward to putting Jeremiah’s expanded skills to use in 2024.

Fern Bluff Community Center Sold Out

The community center is currently sold out for events through New Years.

The Fern Bluff Employees and Board of Directors wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe holiday season.