Brightwater Park

Picture of a large rock with the park name on it.

Brightwater Park has two entrances; the main entrance and parking lot is located at 8601 Brightwater Blvd. The second entrance is at 8620 Columbia Falls Drive, at the end of a cul-de-sac. Brightwater Park includes extensive landscaping and provides a beautiful outdoor experience with two very large and interesting oak trees providing shade and climbing fun.

The long greenbelt running through Brightwater Park connects the two entrances and serves residents with 6960 ft. of concrete and crushed granite trails which are part of the extensive trail system that surrounds and runs through the Fern Bluff MUD. At the main entrance of the park is a decorative bridge that marks the beginning of the trail that loops around the entire park.

The park provides a restroom (residents may purchase access key fobs at the MUD office), drinking fountains, picnic tables, benches, and barbecue pits. Also included in Brightwater Park is a covered, 46’ X 28’ pavilion that residents may reserve for their events. Visitors may also enjoy the exercise station or one of two large children’s playscapes. A friendly reminder that ALL pets must be on a leash when in District parks, greenbelts, and trails.

Fern Bluff MUD built Brightwater Park with a land donation from the Stone Canyon developer and with partial funds provided by a grant from Williamson County and a grant from Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Residents may purchase access fobs to the restroom for $5 at the MUD office. Restroom keys will open all restrooms at Brightwater Park, Olson Meadows Park, and Fern Bluff Park. For more information, contact the MUD office at 512-238-0606.

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