Cheatham Park

Picture of a large rock with the park name on it.

Cheatham Park’s main entrance is at 9013 Wildwater Way and this park hosts the environmentally protected Fern Bluff Bat Cave, which is protected by wrought iron fencing and an interesting limestone shelf, which is a unique example of parallel surface fracture formations found in the Austin area. Additionally, the entrance at 9026 Mountain Mist has its own example with the Hanging Tree Cave. This large park connects the Fern Bluff Neighborhood with the Stone Canyon Neighborhood. With two additional entrances at 8105 Ancona Trail and 7417 West Magic Mountain Lane (for a total of four cul-de-sacs offering trail entrances to the park), Cheatham Park is a unique community amenity.

Cheatham Park offers a variety of activities to visitors. There is a children’s exercise station at the Mountain Mist entrance and a playscape and a beautiful butterfly/pollinator garden at the Wildwater Way entrance, with picnic tables and benches. The park, 7.97 acres, includes concrete and crushed granite trails throughout. A friendly reminder that ALL pets must be on a leash when in District parks, greenbelts, and trails.

The Fern Bluff MUD developed Cheatham Park with funding from a grant from Texas Parks & Wildlife. Cheatham Park gets its name from the Cheatham family, a group of Texas Rangers who helped make Texas what it is today. Caelyn Bradley, a Stone Canyon resident, is one of their granddaughters and submitted the name as a way for us to honor all the men and women of the Texas Rangers.

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