Helpful Landscape Ideas

Do you want a beautifully landscaped home, but don’t know where to start?  There is much more to Landscaping than just planting.  The unique temperament of the Texas climate may present landscaping challenges, especially if you are a new homeowner.

Texas Landscaping

  • Consider alternatives to traditional lawns, such as mulched beds and ground cover.
    • Choose native flowers and shrubs for your landscaping.
    • Come to know your soil and how to help your plants grow and thrive in it.
    • Learn local tricks for water conservation.
    • Utilize multiple irrigation techniques to avoid water waste.

Benefits of a Well-Designed Landscape

Homeowners have many reasons to value the pleasing aesthetics of their landscaped property. Keep in mind, however, that even renters and the neighbors will appreciate the hard work and planning that go into the creation of a balanced landscape design. The right landscaping plan can increase property values, keep maintenance to a minimum, and present an attractive view for those who live and work in the area.

Necessary Elements for Successful Texas Landscapes

The climate and weather in Texas present some unique challenges to homeowners. These challenges can be overcome through the careful selection of plants and flowers, along with organization. Matching plants to the right soil, shade or sun, and placement can ensure that plants don’t grow out of their borders or suffer because of other plants that are more aggressive. A good irrigation system is another very important element of landscaping success. A well-planned system will prevent too much or too little watering and will make the best use of available water.

Fern Bluff MUD, along with our Landscaping Contractor (Texas Lawn & Garden) will include articles, and videos here that may assist you in learning more about landscaping…