May 2024 Newsletter

Our lake levels are low! The Fern Bluff MUD purchases its wholesale water from the City of
Round Rock and follows the city’s drought contingency plan. Currently, we are in Stage-1 water
restrictions. Outdoor irrigation is limited to twice per week, before 10 am or after 7 pm, and is
based on the last digit of your address.
4 or 8 Sunday and/or Thursday
0 or 3 Monday and/or Thursday
2, 6 or 7 Tuesday and/or Friday
1, 5 or 9 Wednesday and/or Saturday
Water Supply Issues
At the February 27th, 2024, MUD board meeting the Director for the Central Texas Water
Coalition shared information with the board and interested residents regarding water supply
issues for the Central Texas Region. Valuable information was presented, and you may read a
synopsis of the meeting by clicking HERE.
Protect our Storm Drains and Creeks
Do not blow leaves or grass clippings into the street curb cuts (storm drains) as this is an
MS4 violation and violators are subject to fines. Clogged storm drains may cause flooding so
please blow and bag your leaves, grass, and all landscape debris. Also, please do not plant
shrubs, etc. near your water meter vault. Roots can and will break water lines. If you have
plantings near your vault, always keep a minimum of 3ft X 3ft X 3ft clearance around and above
the vault as this area is in a utility easement and must remain accessible for repairs and meter
NEW: Dispose of Excess Cardboard and Styrofoam
The Deep Wood Recycle Center not only takes Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) but is
NOW accepting Styrofoam, Glass, and Cardboard. You do not need a voucher to drop off
your Styrofoam, etc. Simply drive in, take an immediate left, and drop materials in the marked

receptacles. You will need an HHW voucher to drop off hazardous materials and you may
request a voucher at the MUD office. A valid ID, with a Fern Bluff MUD address, will be

Utility Construction Coming to Oak Brook
The Brushy Creek MUD will be decommissioning a wastewater lift station, and the construction
will have an effect on Oak Brook residents and others that drive in the Hillside Drive, Sutter
Creek area. Please see the letter, attached HERE, that will be mailed to all Oak Brook Residents
once the start date has been scheduled.
Greenbelt Summer Mowing
Mowing of the district’s greenbelts will be done on a 3-week cycle beginning this month. Parks
and the community center will be mowed weekly.
District Retention Ponds
District ponds are being treated for algae with slow progress. Fertilizer runoff from homeowners
coupled with the recent rains is exacerbating the problem. We are expecting the ponds to clear
up in a few weeks.
Traffic Issues in District
There have been many traffic issues including speeding and failure to STOP at stop signs
throughout the district. Williamson County Sheriff Deputies have increased patrols in the district
and numerous citations have been issued to violators. For your safety and the safety of others,
please obey speed limits and traffic signs. If you have a young driver in the family, please
council them to operate their/your vehicles legally and safely as several complaints have been
Canine Reminder
To help our environment and to conserve water, the district has installed several
pollinator/butterfly gardens along Brightwater Trail, Cheatham Park and Brightwater
Park. Residents and visitors love them, and many walk their dogs through the
gardens. Unfortunately, many plants are highly sensitive to dog urine (most flowering plants
are) and we ask: Enjoy the gardens but please don’t let your dogs urinate on the plants
and please pick up the poop! Please be courteous to area children: do not allow your
dogs to relieve themselves in park playground areas or on the trails! Several complaints
have been received from our neighborhoods regarding residents walking their dogs and not
cleaning up the poop left on the sidewalks and other neighbor’s yards. Please be courteous
and clean up after your pet and remind children with dog walking duty as well. PICK UP THE

The latest MUD newsletter my also be viewed and printed. Please click HERE to view.