Park & Greenbelt Clean-up

Residents may have noticed extensive work in MUD greenbelts over the last few weeks; the district is performing a storm water clean-up, and as we assessed the project, we realized how many illegal pathways, gardens, tree houses, fire wood storage, etc. have been installed outside of homeowner property lines and on MUD property.  Additionally, we’ve recently engaged a new landscaping contractor and all of these “planted” areas in the greenbelts make it much more difficult for the contractor to perform their duties.

Consequently, we determined it best to remove all the plantings, pathways, and such which have encroached onto MUD property.  The district mailed a letter in February 2018 citing common deed restrictions in our neighborhoods and item #5 specifically notified residents of this encroachment.

Disposing of yard debris, tree limbs, fence pickets, etc. onto greenbelts is unsightly and illegal and the costs are borne by all taxpayers for the clean-up.  We will begin identifying specific homeowners and the costs for the illegal dumping will be passed on to the individual homeowner.

Summer is HERE!  Vandalism increases in the summer and we ask all homeowners to monitor their children’s activities.  Tree houses and forts are not allowed in the MUD greenbelts and parks and all MUD facilities have a curfew of 9 pm.  Unsafe activity is occurring in our parks and we are finding evidence of fire setting, drug use and destruction of park equipment and trees.  Please help us keep our parks and greenbelts beautiful and safe for everyone and remind children that should a MUD employee or contractor ask your child to stop an activity, comply immediately.  MUD staff and contractors wear clearly marked shirts for safety and we have requested extra patrols from Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.

FYI:  The recent tree trimming on resident’s property and throughout the district is being performed by Lewis Tree Service on behalf of Oncor Electric not the MUD.