Sewer Averaging Begins November 14/15, 2019

The Fern Bluff MUD calculates your sewer bill (wastewater) based on the amount of water you use during three consecutive winter billing cycles. Winter sewer averaging occurs between mid-November and mid-February which are your December, January and February water bills. Since water use during these months is generally only indoor water use and not outside irrigation, it’s a good measure of the volume flowing into the sewer system. You can lower your sewer costs for the upcoming year by conserving water during these billing periods. The MUD recommends: turn off irrigation systems, fix leaking faucets and toilets, and check/repair pool auto-fills. Should the weather be abnormally dry, irrigating occasionally will protect your plants during the dormant season.

Save money all year by conserving water during the winter months and lowering your sewer average for next year. Remember the dates: November 14/15, 2019 to February 17/18, 2020.

If you have questions, please send an email to the General Manager at