Trash & Recycling Pickup

UPDATE:  Republic Services recently acquired Central Texas Refuse and, at this time, our trash and recycle schedule will remain the same.  We will let you know, in advance, of any schedule changes.  Over the next few months, new trash and recycle carts may be provided with the Republic branding.  As always, please contact the MUD office with any questions and the customer service number at Republic is the same, 512-255-4980.

Republic Services is the solid waste provider for the Fern Bluff MUD and information regarding your service, maps, a calendar and a list of acceptable recyclable items may be found on their website,  Trash pickup occurs on Monday throughout the MUD. Single-stream recycling is collected every other Monday, depending on your address within the district. For more information take a look at the Calendar. Each home is provided a brown (trash) cart and a green (recycling) cart.

Republic Services uses automated trucks for trash and recycling.

Carts must be:

  • Set on a flat surface at the edge of the curb or driveway apron
  • Minimum of 3 feet away from any objects (trees, other carts, vehicles)
  • Carts handles should be facing the house (away from the road)
  • Wheels on the cart should be against the curb
  • After October 1, 2019, carts left too close to other objects (vehicles, etc.) will not be serviced.

Residents of Fern Bluff MUD may leave up to 6 bags of yard waste at their curb each week.  An additional truck will follow later in the day to remove extra bags and bundles.  Bundles of yard waste that are (cut and tied) may also be left at the curb with the following restrictions:

  • Each bundle (cut & tied) must be less than 35 pounds.
  • Maximum length of 4 feet, limbs not to exceed 4 inch in diameter
  • Maximum of 6 bundles (cut & tied)
  • Bundles (cut & tied) must be stacked, 3 feet from the cart

For an additional cost:  If you need to dispose of large, bulky items, have additional waste or need additional one-time special pickup service, please contact:

Republic Services
Phone: (512) 255-4980



Additionally, large amounts of yard waste may be taken to the City of Round Rock’s Deepwood Recycling Center.

City of Round Rock Drop-Off Recycling Center
310 Deepwood Drive
Round Rock, TX

*There is a cost for disposal dependent on the amount and recycle costs range from $25 to $75.

County Residents may also dispose of yard and other bulk waste at:

Williamson County Landfill, 600 Landfill Road, Hutto, TX for an extra cost.

To establish trash service, along with your water and wastewater service, an application must be submitted to:

Fern Bluff Municipal Utility District
7320 Wyoming Springs Drive
Round Rock, Texas 78681
Office: (512) 238-0606