Water & Wastewater Services

The Fern Bluff Municipal Utility District has a group of utility professionals on staff and in the district to manage and operate your water and wastewater services.  Our offices are located in our Community Center at:

Fern Bluff MUD

7320 Wyoming Springs Dr.

Round Rock, TX  78681


Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm

Emergency Calls:  512-238-0606, 24 hr, 7-days/wk

To establish new service, please fill out an application by contacting:

Calls:      512-238-0606
Emails: servicerequest@fernbluffmud.org

In Person:  7320 Wyoming Springs Dr., Round Rock, TX  78681

All billing and customer service questions as well as suspected leak notifications or emergency calls go to just one number, 512-238-0606. Should you have a district question, the General Manager for the Fern Bluff MUD, Janey Miller, may be reached at 512-238-0606 and in emergencies, at 512-788-0336 or GM@fernbluffmud.org.

The remittance address for all water, wastewater and trash bill payments is:
P.O. Box 682347
Houston, TX 77268-2347

• All check payments should be made out to FERN BLUFF MUD
• New Service Application for the Fern Bluff MUD
• Online Credit Card Bill Pay, ACH (auto draft,) recurring credit card payments are just a few payment options we now offer.  Click HERE to build an online account to view options.  All payments via debit/credit card will incur a 5% processing fee by the credit card vendor.



What are my water rates?


Base Monthly Rate


Per 1,000 gallons – 1000 to 15,000 gallons


Per 1,000 gallons – 15,001 and over


*plus a mandatory TCEQ fee of $.05%


What are my wastewater (sewer) rates?

Base Monthly Rate


Per 1,000 gallons



What are my garbage/recycling fees?


Weekly garbage and semi-weekly recycling

Utility rates are billed monthly.

*Wastewater Averaging is the method of determining the volume of water used by a resident that enters the sewer system and is NOT used outside for irrigation, car washing etc. The averaging will take place from November to February. The resident is only billed for this volume throughout the year. For more details please see description below.

Winter Wastewater Averaging

The District’s Rate Order states that bills for sewer service shall be computed (1) based upon the average usage amount during the winter season averaged from the customer’s water meter monthly readings for the preceding months of mid-November through mid-February (December, January and February bills) or (2) based on the customer’s current monthly water bill, whichever is lower.

If a customer does not have a history of water usage for the previous mid-November through mid-February monthly water service (December, January and February bills), the sewer bill shall be calculated based upon (1) the customer’s current monthly water usage or (2) based on 8,000 gallons of water usage per month, whichever is less.

Winter months are used to calculate the sewer averaging because historically customers use less water during this time of year.  To save money on your sewer bill for the next year, the district recommends that automatic irrigation systems be turned off during the winter season as plants and grass are in their dormant stage.

Any customer filling a pool during the averaging month’s may be allowed to subtract the water usage for the month the pool filled from their average.  A customer that experiences a houseline leak during the averaging months may request a reduction for the amount attributable to the leak.  All such requests must be in writing and repair documentation provided and sent to:  Janey Miller, General Manager GM@fernbluffmud.org or mailed to Fern Bluff MUD, 7320 Wyoming Springs Dr., Round Rock, TX  78681.