What’s Up With My Water?

Recently, you may have noticed a difference in the quality of your water; a discoloration and possibly a slight odor. There are NO health concerns to the water quality but an aesthetic one. There are two culprits to this issue.

The Fern Bluff MUD purchases its water from the City of Round Rock which pulls its source water from Lake Georgetown and Stillhouse Hollow Lake. The hard and heavy rains we experienced during the spring caused high levels of organic materials to be moved around in the lakes as well as new grasses and bushes that grew in areas that are now covered with water that were previously exposed due to the drought. This can cause higher than usual nutrient levels and possible algae blooms, resulting in an odor. This organic matter may cause discoloration and/or an odor.

Additionally, the discoloration is caused by elevated levels of Manganese which is an element found naturally in the earth and dissolved Manganese is found in many water supplies. While the water may be discolored, it DOES NOT pose a health risk. Many water supplies deal with these issues nation-wide and, locally, other municipalities that pull water from central Texas lakes are experiencing similar issues.

Over the last several weeks, the City of Round Rock has been treating for high levels of Manganese and at various times the situation has improved. Unfortunately, it seems to again peak and the city is working diligently to address the issue. Here is the link to the City of Round Rock’s website that has the latest information:

The MUD is staying in frequent communication with the City and we will immediately post to our website should the situation warrant. Please rest assured that your water is tested by the city, by the district, and your water supply is SAFE. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the MUD office at 512-238-0606 or email the General Manager at GM@fernbluffmud.org. Also, if you have not signed up for the district’s notification emails, please do so by going to www.fernbluffmud.org and click on the lower left-hand button that says “Signup For Important Email Notifications.”

The Fern Bluff MUD