Winter Water Averaging – November 19, 2013 to February 18, 2014


The District’s Rate Order states that bills for sewer service shall be computed (1) on the basis of the average amount of water used by the customer during the winter season based upon the average of the monthly readings of the customer’s water meter for the preceding December, January and February billing periods OR (2) on the basis of the customer’s current monthly water bill, whichever is less.

If a residential customer does not have a history of water usage during the preceding December, January and February billing periods, the customer’s monthly sewer bill shall be calculated based upon (1) the customer’s current monthly water usage or (2) on the basis of 8,000 gallons of water usage per month, whichever is less.

Simply put, the water each customer uses from November 19, 2013 1 to February 18, 2014 will be averaged to determine monthly sewer rates for the upcoming year.  Winter months are used to calculate the sewer averaging because, historically, customers use less water this time of year.

Any resident filling a swimming pool during the averaging months will be allowed to subtract the water used from the usage month the pool was filled.  Requests for this must be made in writing to Janey Miller, General Manager, Fern Bluff MUD, 7320 Wyoming Springs Dr., Round Rock, TX  78681.

Any resident with a house line leak during the averaging months may request a reduction in sewer usage, as well.  This request must also be in writing, to the above address, and have documentation as to the leak and work accomplished to repair the problem.

Winter months are not the time to establish new lawns.  Grass will not grow well and the water used will not automatically be deducted from the sewer average.

All requests for reductions will be reviewed before the March 2013 billing period.  Should you have any questions, please contact the General Manager at 512-238-0606.