Cloudy Water – August 15, 2023

The Fern Bluff MUD has been receiving reports from some customers of cloudy, discolored water.  As you know, our MUD purchases its water from the City of Round Rock.  We were notified by the city that a contractor hit a water line feeding our area and that repairs are being performed.  The city has been flushing lines since last evening.

Despite the break in the line, the water is safe.  Pressure and chlorine residuals are being maintained in Round Rock’s system and the MUD is testing on a frequent basis and are constantly monitoring for any water quality changes.

Update: The recent cloudy water was due to the City of Round Rock’s 36 inch water line break as well as a recent contractor mistake on a road project. The city is flushing their lines and the discoloration should clear in a few days.

Please know we will immediately notify all MUD customers should there be additional issues. District wide emails are sent out so if you have had an email address change, please contact the MUD office to update our records, 512-238-0606.