August 2023 Fern Bluff MUD Newsletter

Stage 1 Drought Restrictions

As a wholesale water customer of the City of Round Rock, Fern Bluff MUD adopted the city’s drought plan.  The MUD, as well as the city, is now under Stage 1 Drought Restrictions.

In Stage 1, outdoor watering is allowed two days per week based on the Watering Schedule below and must occur before 10:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m.  Drip irrigation and soaker hoses are not exempt from the restrictions.  For the full restrictions, see

Outdoor Watering Schedule
Address Ends inTwice per Week – Stage 1
0 or 3Monday / Thursday
4 or 8Sunday / Thursday
1, 5 or 9Wednesday / Saturday
2, 6 or 7Tuesday / Friday

*** Due to heat and drought Stage 2 (1-day per week irrigation) may be imminent. ***

Fire Hydrant Flushing

You may have seen it many times and thought to yourself, “what a waste of good water?”

Periodically flushing water mains through fire hydrants is a routine maintenance activity which is important to the integrity of the district’s water distribution system.  Flushing removes harmless minerals and sediment that collect in the mains and helps to ensure high water quality.

Hydrant flushing is important for ensuring chlorine residuals remain at constant optimal levels to prevent bacteria growth.  Disinfection (chlorine concentrations) degrades the longer it is in the water distribution system, which means flushing helps keep the water moving and keeps pipes from stagnating.

Please know, The Fern Bluff MUD never wants to waste our water, but flushing is necessary to maintain high water quality and it’s a standard practice in the water industry as a regulated function for water providers.  This work is mandatory and not subject to drought restrictions.

Appointee to the Fern Bluff MUD Board of Directors

After interviews with the two applicants for the directors’ seat vacated by longtime member Joe Teiber, Mr. Richard Horton was appointed the seat which will be up for reelection next year.  We thank Meg Walsh for her interest in serving on the board.

Vandalism in Our Parks

We are seeing increased incidents of vandalism in our parks.  If you witness any acts of vandalism, or encounter any incidents of vandalism, please report them to the Williamson County Sheriffs and/or the MUD office.

Dog Droppings out of Control in our Parks Dogs are welcome in our parks with the expectation that owners take responsibility for their pets, including picking up their poop.  Our trails are becoming littered with dog poop both in and out of poop bags. We ask owners to clean up and deposit their poop bags in trash containers found in and around our parks.