Resident Amenities

Picture of stone steps leading to bench.

The Fern Bluff MUD has 6 large and different parks throughout the district. Each park has its own unique characteristics and many offer visitors playgrounds for children and toddlers, exercise stations, benches, picnic tables and restrooms. Three district parks, Brightwater Park, Olson Meadows Park, and Fern Bluff Park, have large, covered pavilions perfect for outdoor events. Pavilions have restrooms, water fountains and electricity and may be reserved by contacting the MUD staff at the MUD office, 512-238-0606. A friendly reminder that ALL pets must be on a leash when in District parks, greenbelts, and trails.

The district has many sport/play opportunities with two tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, three soccer fields and four baseball fields.

Additionally, there are miles of concrete and crushed granite trails within the MUD with several connections to the Williamson County Brushy Creek Regional Trail System. The trail behind Olson Meadows Park gives visitors a beautiful view of two natural, spring-fed ponds and a nature area. Brightwater Greenbelt, directly across the street from Brightwater Park, is a large open greenbelt with a combination concrete/crushed granite trail that winds down to Brushy Creek Road and the Williamson County Trail. Along the way there are large, rolling areas of the district’s Wildflower Program as well as the nationally certified Butterfly/Pollinator Garden.

Residents and non-residents may rent the Fern Bluff MUD Community Center, a 6600 sq. ft. facility, which can accommodate small to large gatherings. From a birthday party to a family reunion all the way to a large wedding reception, the Community Center has the rooms and patios for a special event. For more information, to check date availability or to book a room, please contact the Center at 512-238-0606 or email to

There are three neighborhoods within the Fern Bluff MUD and each offer their residents additional amenities, specific to the neighborhood.

Parks and Wildflower Gardens