Weather Advisory 2-12-2021

To Our Fern Bluff MUD Residents:
Forecasted inclement weather over the next several days (some weather channels are expecting this to last up to 6 days) brings challenges previously unseen in our area.  Reports are coming in regarding downed tree limbs in parks and greenbelts and the MUD strongly encourages our residents to stay off the trails and out of the greenbelts.  Ice covered limbs are breaking, some trees are completely down and more are expected to be stressed by our unusual weather. 
Once the weather clears and it is safe for our personnel, we will begin cleanup of MUD property.
We recommend that you cover exterior faucets, turn off irrigation systems at the main valve and keep a slow drip of any interior faucet that is near an exterior wall.  Some helpful information:

Should you have a suspected water line break, please contact the MUD at
512-238-0606 or 512-788-0336.

Please stay safe and warm!