Williamson County, Hairy Man Road Projects

June 2, 2016

To Fern Bluff MUD residents:

Williamson County is proposing two road projects in the Hairy Man Road/Brushy Creek Road area.  The first is a project to replace the bridge and change the intersection and trail at the Hairy Man/Great Oaks location.  The second is a proposal for safety improvements along Hairy Man, from Brushy Bend to Sam Bass.

Williamson County will be hosting two Open Houses regarding these projects.  One will be held at the Brushy Creek MUD Community Center on Wednesday, June 22nd and a second at the Fern Bluff MUD Community Center on Thursday, July 14th.  Additionally, Williamson County will be presenting these proposals at the Fern Bluff MUD’s monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 21st.

The public notice from Williamson County is shown below:


Dear Williamson County Resident,


Williamson County will conduct an open house to present proposed improvements to Great Oaks Drive Bridge over Brushy Creek as well as safety improvements along Brushy Creek Road/Hairy Man Road. The open house will be held from the hours of 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 22, in the Brushy Creek Community Center, 16318 Great Oaks Dr, in Round Rock.


The purpose of the open house is to allow the public the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed improvements. The primary purpose of the proposed Great Oaks Drive Bridge project is to reduce flood effects of Brushy Creek at the crossing and raise the bridge to provide a safe route across Brushy Creek during flood events.  The improvements also will enhance safety and mobility within the project area for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Possible safety improvements along Hairy Man Road / Brushy Creek Road between Arrowhead Trail and Sam Bass Road also are being evaluated.


The Hairy Man Road / Brushy Creek Road project is being studied from Brushy Bend Drive to Sam Bass Road. This project is approximately 2.4 miles in length and includes a traffic study and preliminary evaluation of possible safety improvements along the corridor. Atkins is the project engineer and is finalizing the traffic study along Brushy Creek Road / Hairy Man Road and preparing a preliminary schematic plan depicting proposed safety improvements to show the public at the open house.


The Great Oaks Drive bridge replacement project is studying the bridge over Brushy Creek at Hairy Man Road / Brushy Creek Road. An Interlocal Agreement with Upper Brushy Creek WCID was approved by the Commissioners Court on July 2013 for participation in the project.  This project also will improve the intersection of Great Oaks Drive and Brushy Creek Road / Hairy Man Road.  P.E. Structural Consultants, Inc. is the project engineer and will present proposed improvements at the open house.


All interested residents are encouraged to attend the open house and provide input on the projects. Another open house is being planned at the Fern Bluff MUD Community Center. Please check the www.roadbond.org website for updates.  For questions, you may call 512-943-1195 and leave a message.


Verbal and written comments may be presented at the open house. Written comments not submitted during the open house may be submitted to: Connie Watson, Williamson County Public Information, 710 S. Main Street, Suite 101, Georgetown, Texas, or emailed to roads@wilco.org.  All comments received by Friday, July 22, 2016, will be included in the official record of the open house.




Connie Watson

Public Affairs Manager

Williamson County

512-943-1663 (office)

512-844-3542 (cell)