August 2023 Fern Bluff MUD Newsletter

Stage 1 Drought Restrictions As a wholesale water customer of the City of Round Rock, Fern Bluff MUD adopted the city’s drought plan.  The MUD, as well as the city, is now under Stage 1 Drought Restrictions. In Stage 1, outdoor watering is allowed two days per week based on the Watering Schedule below and must … Read more

Water Emergency!  July 27, 2023

The Fern Bluff MUD is in Stage 1 Mandatory Water Restrictions and based on use over the last 72 hours, many residents are not adhering to these restrictions.  Water use is increasing dramatically in the overnight hours, 3 am to 8 am, and this seems to correlate to outdoor irrigation.  We need all residents to … Read more

Water Line Repair & Water Restrictions

UPDATE (Tuesday, July 18): Repairs on the water main near RM 1431 are finished, and City crews have been working Tuesday evening to refill the line with potable water so it can return to normal operations. All customers may return to their designated watering schedule starting Wednesday morning. As a wholesale water customer of the … Read more