2023 – Q1 Fern Bluff MUD Newsletter

Addressing Stormwater Pollution Tips to help us preserve our environment by reducing stormwater pollution during spring lawn beautification. Correctly identify insect and weed problems? Only about a third of yard and garden owners take the time or trouble to correctly identify the insect or weed problems they are having. After identifying a specific problem, the … Read more

Storm & Trash Update 2-16-23

Starting Monday, February 20, 2023, Central Texas Refuse (CTR) will once again offer curb side pickup of seven (7) items, bags or bundles, with normal trash and recycling service each trash collection day.  All limb and yard debris must be cut and bundled with string or rope, no larger than 4 ft by 4 ft and weigh … Read more

Storm Damage/Debris Pickup Update:

Resources in our area are overwhelmed and limited.  Our trash company, Central Texas Refuse, is working hard to help our residents deal with this debris but please realize, they are a solid waste company, not a landscape company nor a debris removal company.  That said, they have just informed us that due to the volume … Read more

Post Ice Storm Information

Due to the ice storm, MUD parks and trails are closed until future notice.  Extensive tree damage has occurred and the parks and trails are unsafe.  Cleanup will take several weeks so we ask for patience during this time. Many of our residents also suffered extensive tree damage during this storm.  The district is working … Read more

Lower Your Sewer Bill For Next Year!

Winter Water Averaging (Sewer Averaging) begins THIS WEEK, November 17, 2022. The Fern Bluff MUD calculates your sewer bill (wastewater) based on the amount of water you use during three consecutive winter billing cycles.  Winter sewer averaging occurs between mid-November and mid-February which are your December, January and February water bills.  Since water use during … Read more

Lower Tax Rate, Fall Bulk Pick-up, Big Trucks

We have several items to share with our residents but first; Welcome to the Rain! Over the next couple of months, you will see large trucks on residential streets with the name of National Power Rodding. They will be performing sewer line inspections of all district sewer lines and manholes. We apologize for any traffic … Read more