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To Our MUD Residents, Winter Storm Update:

February 26, 2021

This recent weather event was extremely challenging for so many of you as well as our utility and we are thankful that most everyone is doing much better this week.  Most of the feedback that we have received concerning the continued water service we were able to provide has been very gracious and kind and we sincerely appreciate it!

If you experienced busted or leaking water pipes, please reach out to the MUD's General Manager at and account credits will be assessed.  Additionally, since we know that most were dripping faucets to prevent frozen pipes and this use could have a negative effect on sewer averaging for the coming year, we will be dropping the February usage and simply use two months...

Update: Thursday, February 18th

Due to ongoing weather conditions, Fern Bluff MUD will not receive trash pickup until Monday, February 22nd. There will be trash only service for the entire district, no recycle pickup. Residents are encouraged to bring trash carts and additional well-bagged trash to the curb but not to put out cut limbs and landscape debris. Closed landfills and unsafe roads are preventing trash service. Plans are being made to get back to regular scheduling as soon as possible.

All utilities are requesting that area residents curtail, as much as possible, electricity, water and gas. Power plants, water treatment plants and natural gas providers are experiencing high demand but reduced capacity. All conservation will help during this extreme weather.

Law enforcement is...